Why Wait For Your Systems To Break? Let Us Maintain Them.

Your practice can’t afford downtime. Viruses are running ramped, and computers are slowing down because of it. Data is not as secure as it used to be. You need a team of IT Specialists that are on call and monitoring your computer network. Our team will monitor your systems 24/7. We will seamlessly remediate your computer problems and provide you with 9-5 helpdesk support. Stop worrying about your computers and contact up today!

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Managed Firewalls will protect your business from hackers

Malware & spyware is infecting computers at an all time high. It just keeps getting worst. Antivirus programs only have the capacity to block and remove 50% of the problems that are out there. Just like the police they can’t stop every crime.

This is why we need to install a Managed Firewall on your computer network. This is like having a bodyguard at your door. The firewall waits at the edge of your network, ready to block anything that can reak havoc on your network. Let us help you to become Hipaa Compliant. Call us to install your new Managed Firewall today.

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Don’t Risk Losing Your Patient’s Health Records

It is a major responsibility to keep patient data safe. It is even more important to keep it available. If your server crashes, you risk losing all of your patients health records. Your PHI is key to providing great healthcare. It is invaluable to your practice. Let us help you by setting you up with a Hipaa compliant offsite backup. This will be your failsafe in case of a disaster. Contact us today for a free quote!

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